Green Business Club – general information  

The Green Business Club is a business club for ProCredit Bank clients who receive a ProEco loan. Members of the Green Business Club will join the club as clients of the bank, while their membership represents an acknowledgment of their decision to make a green investment.


Clients who take out a ProEco loan will receive a membership certificate for the club. As a member of the Green Business Club, you will receive:  

  • Access to the latest news by means of newsletters sent to all members – including information about legal matters, general information about specific business sectors, information related to the bank’s promotions, success stories of ProCredit Bank S.A. clients, etc.
  • Invitations to participate in events and seminars organised by ProCredit Bank that bring together different specialists in this field.
  • Networking opportunities at the events organised by the bank with other companies and specialists from the same sector or from complementary industries.  
  • Access to success stories about certain clients selected from different sectors, presented in the following media:  
    • Printed materials
    • Video presentations
    • Website
    • Invitations to fairs, domestic and international
    • Image benefits for your business – PR on the activities of the Green Business Club.