In our daily life, we rely heavily on the use of classical energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas to produce electricity, heat or for transportation. However, as these resources are limited, it is time to look for ways to integrate renewable energy sources (solar, biomass, wind, etc.) into our daily lives. But this is not the only way to reduce our dependence on conventional forms of energy. Another way is to apply the concept of energy efficiency, which means not to waste the energy we already use, since the consequences are borne by each of us. Thus, through simple actions available to anyone (eg: changing the lighting system to a high-performance one with LEDs or purchasing vehicles with low CO2 emissions, implicitly also low fuel consumption, etc.) we can actively contribute to protecting the environment, reducing at the same time our costs.

eco car

An electric car is a vehicle based on an electric motor. Electric cars with batteries are the most popular electric vehicles on the market. For these, the energy required to operate the motor or motors (there are models with two or three electric motors) is stored in a pack of storage batteries. To recharge the batteries, the car must be connected to an external electrical source (socket/charging station).

An electric car uses up to 90% fewer moving parts than a car with an internal combustion engine.

The advantages of an electric car include:

  • Zero emissions at the time of use;
  • The lower price of electricity compared to fossil fuels;
  • Reducing noise pollution;
  • Given the smaller number of components of an electric car, periodic overhauls will generate lower maintenance costs throughout its lifetime.

electric car

Charging stations are a system containing two or more individual charging points. They connect an electric vehicle to a source of electricity. 

There are several types of charging stations, namely:

  • Slow charging (power: 3kW) – on average, a full charge takes about 8 hours;
  • Fast charging (power: 7-22kW) – o încărcare completă durează între 3-4h;
  • Rapid charging (power: 43-50kW) – they are not compatible with all electric cars, charging from 0 to 80% in less than 30 minutes; Ultra-rapid charging (power: 100kW și 350kW).
  • Ultra-rapid charging (power: 100kW și 350kW).

pompa de caldura


The heat pump is a refrigerating device that in most cases works with freon, and it’s based on three cycles: vaporization, compression and condensation.

It can reduce heating costs and the initial investment can be recovered in a short time. In general, the investment in a heat pump is up to 60% higher than with a gas plant.

The efficiency of heat pumps is high, because they produce 3-5 times more energy than they consume.


Turbina eoliana

Wind turbines (windmills) are an equipment that transform wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy, which in turn is transformed into electrical energy. This energy is then delivered to the public electricity network, stored in batteries or consumed directly by heating electrical resistances.

Wind systems are the most well-known ecological method of electricity generation, along with photovoltaic panels.

Types of wind turbines according to size and capacity:

  • Small, can generate 50-60kW power and use rotors with Ø between 1-15m;
  • Average, can generate between 500-1500kW power and use rotation with Ø between 15-60m;
  • Large, can generate 2-3mW power and use rotors with Ø between 60-100m.

sistem ventilatie

An HVAC system is a complex air conditioning system, composed of a heating system, a cooling system and a ventilation system, derived from English: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning.

Ventilation systems are based on a process where stale air is removed from inside the space and replaced by fresh, filtered air. This ensures uniform ventilation of the entire space, while the air is purified through the use of filters. One of the major advantages is the integration of heating and cooling systems.


geamuri duble tripleIf you opt for double or triple glazed windows (with Argon), then less energy will be used to heat the building. So, among their benefits are: noise protection, energy efficiency and increased safety.

panouri solare

Solar panels (thermal / for hot water) are used to heat water, converting the sun's energy into heat.

Solar thermal systems have certain type of mirrors that focus sunlight, which is then used as a heating source. Its main advantage is the fact that the thermal energy produced can be stored. 

panouri fotovoltaice

The way photovoltaic panels work is represented by two important steps:

  1. The photovoltaic panel captures solar radiation, which is transformed into electricity;
  2. The panel's photovoltaic cells capture solar energy and change it into electricity.

There are several types of photovoltaic panels, depending on the cells found in their composition, and they are divided into the following categories, each with advantages and disadvantages:

  • Monocrystalline – offer superior quality, but are more expensive;
  • Polycrystalline – their efficiency is lower, but the price is lower;
  • Amorphous  – their efficiency is high in conditions of intense light, on the other hand, their yield is better when they are placed in environments with poor lighting conditions;
  • With a thin layer – it has the lowest price, ideal for large surfaces, but the energy produced is less.

linie de productieTo increase the quality and quantity of production, the purchase of a new production line, or perhaps even the modernization of the existing one, must be considered. Thus, maintenance costs, as well as energy consumption will decrease.

iluminatTraditional lighting systems convert only a small part of the energy consumed into light and the rest into heat. In contrast, lighting systems with LEDs or induction bulbs produce less heat, have a longer life cycle and use less electricity.

lada racireChoosing equipment with a higher energy class or with a low consumption per volume unit, will substantially reduce electricity costs, and, at the same time, comes with the benefit of having the products kept in excellent conditions..


A new, efficient oven will provide higher product quality and a simpler operational process. In addition, electricity consumption will decrease, costs will be lower, and business productivity will increase.

For a high quality of your products and a simple operational process, choose a new, efficient oven. Thus energy consumption will decrease and so will your monthly costs, while the productivity of your business will increase.


Thermoelectric water heaters are actually electric water heaters that can be connected to solar panels and/or thermal power plants, which have a specific component (a coil) that will generate hot water, electrically in summer, and in winter through the source to which it is connected. 

There are two types of thermoelectric boilers: one with one coil and a large heat exchange surface (helical) or with two coils, and bivalent exchangers. The latter is recommended for high water consumption, because in this case the lower coil can be connected to a solar panel, while the upper coil can be connected to a heat pump.

You can use it to produce heat or to heat the water you use production process, thus reducing your dependence on the gas network. In addition, farmers can use the resulting ash.


Choose to insulate the walls of your office building/production hall and install double (Argon) or triple glazed windows. Thus, you will use less energy to heat the building, thus having a positive effect on the environment as well!