At ProCredit Bank, we place great importance to both customer activity and environmental protection. Thus, we have developed loan products adapted to the financing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. The ProEco loan is one of these products and is intended for investments that aim to improve energy efficiency or in technologies that produce energy from renewable sources.


By choosing the ProEco loan, you will have the following benefits:

  • Optimized and reduced operational expenses;
  • Increased business productivity;
  • Modern and energy efficient technologies that you will use;
  • Your business will become more competitive on the market.


The ProEco credit gives you the following advantages:

  • 0 advance on investments;
  • Full financing of the project, including the VAT related to the investment;
  • Long financing periods of up to a maximum of 15 years;
  • Advantageous interest rates for investment projects covered by EU funding programs (InnovFIn, SME Initiative, AGRI, POC) or by state aid schemes made available in partnership with national and European guarantee institutions;
  • Subsidized guarantees through collaborations with national and European guarantee institutions;
  • Preferential repayment plan, adapted to the type of activity financed.


In order for your activity to become more efficient, ProCredit Bank supports you with financing solutions suitable for your business. With ProEco loans you can invest in:


TractoareTractors with efficient fuel consumption
Energy-efficient combined harvesters
Multistage agricultural equipment

Linie de productieNew production lines for agricultural products processing

EcoConversion to organic agriculture
Land processing technologies with low soil impact

CentraleBiomass and biogas plants for greenhouses and tunnel heating

IrigatieWater purification systems
Irrigation systems

Panouri fotovoltaicePhotovoltaic panels for electricity production

These investment examples are presented for guidance only. To check if the investment plan can be financed through the ProEco loan, please contact us using the form here.