At ProCredit Bank we attach special importance to our clients’ businesses as well as to environmental protection. Therefore, we created a loan that helps your business to perform better: the ProEco loan! These loans are meant for investments in energy efficiency and in technologies that produce renewable energy, as well as for activities that enforce environmental measures.


If you choose a ProEco loan, you will get the following benefits:

  • You will optimise and reduce your operational expenses
  • Your business productivity will increase
  • You will use modern and energy efficient technologies
  • Your business will become more competitive on the market


ProEco loans provide the following advantages:

  • long funding periods of up to 15 years
  • convenient interest rates for investment projects/guarantees offered by EU funds (InnovFin or SME Initiative)
  • standard grace period of up to 18 months


To help your business perform better, ProCredit Bank offers appropriate funding solutions. With a ProEco loan, you can invest in:


Linie de productieEnergy efficient equipment
New production lines

AutoturismMotor vehicles
Goods transportation vehicles with low CO2 emissions

Izolare termicaInsulation for roofs and buildings
Energy efficient double-/triple-glazed windows
LED lighting systems

Panouri solareSolar panels for water heating
Photovoltaic panels for electricity production from renewable sources

Instalatie de aerAir-conditioning / climate control installations
Cooling and freezing equipment
Boilers and energy-efficient heating systems

ReciclareWaste recycling systems
Water purification systems
Air filtering systems

These investment examples are for reference purposes only. To see if your investment plan can be funded by means of a ProEco loan, please contact the nearest ProCredit Bank branch.