Eficienta energeticaEnergy efficiency

What does energy efficiency mean?

Energy efficiency is a broad term that refers to the multiple ways in which we can obtain the same benefit (light, heat, movement, etc.) using less energy. These means include efficient motor vehicles, efficient light bulbs, improved industrial practices, houses and buildings with better insulation, as well as a wide range of other technologies. Considering that saving energy also means saving money, energy efficiency can be very profitable.


Renewable energyRenewable energy

What is renewable energy?

Lighting, heating, transport and industrial production are based on energy, which is indispensable both for current activities and for industrial ones. But energy natural resources (oil, coal and gas) are exhaustible.

Renewable energies are those that come from sources which renew themselves in a short period of time or are practically inexhaustible. They are produced by the transfer of the energy resulting from renewable natural processes. Energy produced by the sun, wind, flowing water, biological processes and geothermal heat can be captured by means of different processes.

Renewable energy allows us to diversify energy sources and reduce excessive dependence on gas, oil and coal, resources that are exhaustible and have a negative environmental impact. This is the safest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the safety of the energy supply.


ReciclareEnvironmental protection measures

Environmental protection measures include a wide range of possible investments that can mitigate the negative environmental impact of various activities. These measures include support for organic agriculture or investments in goods transportation vehicles with low emissions or investments in water treatment plants.